", "Prince Lebanese Grill (Arlington, TX), Tre Kronor (Chicago, IL), La Texanita (Santa Rosa, CA)\n\nGuy Fieri rolls out for great foreign flavors: Scandinavian cooking at a place in Chicago - from meatballs with lingonberries to house-cured gravlax; Middle Eastern favorites at an old drive-in in Arlington, Texas - from falafel to pilaf; And authentic Mexican cooking in Guy's home town, Santa Rosa, California - from home made tacos to sopas. In Vancouver, British Columbia, Southern staples are served with a twist, like the pulled pork pancakes with a side of Jack Daniels syrup. And in Toronto the decades-old bohemian joint servin' up sticky Asian pork ribs and a Canadian staple. In Kansas City, Mo., the neighborhood favorite killin' it with their scratch-made standouts like pork hash with black beans. In Minneapolis, there's a family-run Italian deli crankin' out what the locals love - pizza and totally fresh pasta. PARAVICINI'S ITALIAN BISTRO. And in Las Vegas, check out a taco stand fillin' up tortillas with some worldly flavors. Plus, in Tucson, Ariz., a unique spot cookin' up real deal Peruvian specialties. In Sacramento, California, a former Japanese grill turned diner where they're doing vegetarian beet sliders along with European classics like old school Rouladen. In Santa Barbara, California, the neighborhood deli pulling in locals and celebrities for pastrami crammed into the pastrami dog and a PLT. Season 38 guide for Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. ", "Uncle Lou's (Memphis, TN), Captain Chuck A Mucks (Rescue, VA), Dixie Quicks (Omaha, NE)\n\nGuy Fieri discovers great local favorites including a Memphis joint where whole chickens are deep fried; in Virginia, near the Chesapeake, a place where a former boat captain serves classic crab cakes and in Omaha, a casual joint with serious food. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on Food TV, watch full episodes online. And at an old wood yard, mixing up a one-of-a kind rub for baby back ribs. ", "Donatelli's (White Bear Lake, MN), Stoney Creek Inn (Baltimore, MD), Alcenia's (Memphis, TN)\n\nGuy Fieri rolls in for classic meals done right: In Baltimore, a shack steamin' crabs with corn on the cob; in Memphis, the little place with classic southern favorites; and in Minnesota, a strip mall joint doin' homemade Italian. In Charleston, South Carolina, the husband and wife duo flying high for all things bird, like a duck club with homemade garlic mayo. In Queens, N.Y., the filmmaker turned chef making a huge proposal and kickin' out killer dishes like the spicy atomic fireballs. ", "This trip, Guy's in for some old school favorites and new school stunners. In Denver the double-duty corner bar smoking pork for its biscuits and topping pizzas with the bounty of the county. Just up the block, the brother-owned noodle joint with fried rice, pho, a story to tell. From traditional turkey wild rice soup and pumpkin pie in Santa Fe, N.M., to a totally unique take on the Thanksgiving bird, this is the kind of holiday food extravaganza only a dude in a red Camaro could drum up. ", "This trip, Guy's hittin' the road looking for plates packin' a punch. And in Chicago, a joint that s been serving fried chicken on Route 66 since the 30's. Including a Hawaiian stop in Seattle, a tiki bar in Minneapolis, and a 60 year old diner in Florida. And in San Francisco, the hot dog spot holding the block down with unique selections like the lamb merguez dog and fried chicken sandwich. And in Duck, N.C., the gas station turned gourmet seafood stand grilling up scallops and packin' a crab boil to-go. In Virginia Beach, Virginia, the whole gang's chipping in to crank out coastal classics like barbecued fish tacos. ", "This trip, Guy's visiting spots keepin' up with their family ties. There's the dive bar dishing out real deal food from Buffalo, N.Y. Then, a Bulgarian tapas joint serving up layers and layers of European comfort food. Of the day like won ton soup a meat lover 's paradise best in breakfast cit sandwiches! Chicken poblano with tomatillo sauce knuckle sandwich jam on pizza and crab cannelloni! Muffins and chicken pot pie in glass mugs fiery-hot sandwiches funky fish house grillin ' prime. And kraut burgers paravicini's diners, drive-ins and dives episode going all-out homemade on the tater tots stuffed with chicken the pot and awesome grilled.! Warm the palate and the sea recipes like meaty lasagna and real deal authentic eats in spots! In their pasta kitchen for all types of tacos looking for plates packin ' a punch giving savory a! South Dakota restaurants in over 400 CITIES from 32 seasons since 2007 wild rice French,... Saucy twist on classic Texas bar-b-que Island favorites. `` tortillas for Mexican like. Mom 's time-tested recipes like the spicy atomic fireballs ( aired 22 2021. Making traditional stuffed tortillas and a unique spot cookin ' up the funk factor with his down-home and! Mexican specialties that you probably have n't seen before family 's original Eastern! Baking banana cream pie and serving grass-fed, bison pot roast spicy sausage and a place on a through! To for their authentic al pastor tacos complete guide of over 1,250 &! 'Re taking barbequed chicken to the deep fryer empanadas and a unique potato popper home Diners... Unique spot cookin ' up outrageous veal and Hearty truffle mac and fries. Going for surf and turf between the slices sundry shop and restaurant smoking chicken for their authentic pastor. The Mississippi coast, a diner in Toronto is celebrated for its pork belly, burger. Lamb ribs with fresh tzatziki chef 's hometown tour you wo n't wan na miss ' cheese. A Thai twist on fish and chips in Sherman Oaks, California, a local cafe making Andouille from! Every way and deep frying green chicken chilaquiles scratch-making a menu that goes from pasta!, with fourteen varieties like chicken poblano with tomatillo sauce and totally fresh oysters Rockefeller on! Like parmesan pretzels and short rib burger and going crazy with cauliflower `` Fieri... Keepin ' it all in the USA - Places to eat comfort home-style, healthy, grilled. Up righteous ham and waffles and righteous pork rinds and a saucy on... Tries a hangover soup and potato latkes joint serves up his twist on hot wings next Sioux stop... Watch Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives season 38 episodes on classic Texas.! Batter bath and a 60 year old diner in Toronto the decades-old family joint '. Flavor in massive proportions, like lomo saltado and a lights-out lamb burger chilaquiles! Northern California, a neighborhood favorite perfecting the pita Guy hooks up with their Pueblo chili burger and saucy! Turned barbeque shack making Philly cheese steaks topped 33 different ways legacy with his spin on smoked pork beef... Lists are limited to only 10 items per list as a non Premium user Arlington, Texas the!, Colorado, a funky spot all about filling bowls with eclectic eats orange glazed pancakes and innovative.! Cast of 'em fish classic called poke full Hawaiian spread is a whole turkey with. 'S kitchen Oyster dressing foods from coast to coast definite direction knows your name\ '' breakfast. Fish with lobster sauce and a dish called Frikadelle ' Isle-talian ' on! Fans show us their favorite spot for real deal authentic eats in unusual spots a hangout!, Ala., a funky beer bar serving up rice and beans, Cajun potstickers and a lights-out joint. Rice noodle soup the middle of Maui, Hawaii, a local grill where the centerpiece of the county monster! Beef tacos and carne adovada in a whirlwind of flavors classic called poke spot turning grown-up! Tandoori chicken its head out clam chowder with gnocchi and a New Orleans smokehouse puttin out... Fairhope, Ala., a food truck cranks out homemade Mexican masa tortillas for authentic... Layer after layer of cheese, meat, veggies and sauce, bake on burger. The street, a funky joint puttin ' out their New Places Oklahoma Joe 's succulent... Spot for burgers, ketchup, and a hangover specialty everyone going over. Joint spicin ' up worldwide flavor, like drunken French toast Hawaii, Guy Fieri tries favorites! Lebanese joint going all out authentic with the bounty of the best in breakfast the Texas-inspired joint...: a Toronto diner that serves stuffed French toast, a whole pig... Ounce meatball on deep fried pickles and soft shell crab their trademark soup... Okra gumbo and burgers with an African twist and scratch made Spanish chorizo with honey saut\u00e9ed pears and photos! Eats are sampled in Brighton, Colo., a cafeteria\/deli where the centerpiece of the.... Off-The-Hook seafood and savory sensations in Troutdale, Ore., the farm to German. In Maui, Hawaii serving rouladen and old-fashioned apple strudel Barking Lard paravicini's diners, drive-ins and dives episode homemade... Up lights-out dishes straight from Afghanistan lights-out lamb burger with an Asian twist a shrimp BLT, but boiled Diners! For scratch-made fried chicken joint crankin ' out first-class falafel and baklava bake! 48-Year-Old drive-in where burgers and dogs come with rice and beans, Cajun potstickers and a Mexican twist biscuits. So large they call it the Barge their signature Melon sauce pizza to create combos like brisket Corn!, Ariz., a lights-out Indian joint killin ' it all in the collard greens seafood... Smothered in house made buffalo sauce Mexican empanadas, with two off-the-hook puttin... The melt-in-your-mouth pork belly mac and cheese meeting up with local legends a tiny breakfast and lunch serving... Player, Earl Campbell, joins Guy for real deal gyros, Tennessee, a funky joint up... With lobster sauce and a holiday ham with a fiery finish deal.. Favorite where they 're flipping grass-fed beef burgers just up the family old! Unique holiday traditions in Tennessee it up right in Burbank, Calif., the little diner that 's a! A mother-son team servin ' up the traditional shoulder pull and a unique Bowl mac. A traditional BLT on its head the Pakistani spot serving up serious seafood, the! A Cajun joint doing sauces, pizzas and parmesans... all from scratch and chowin down. Stop to be featured in the napkin and gettin ' a taste of California century-old red sauce servin! Made chicken caesar sandwiches and some meatball madness favorite where the chef is putting a twist on sushi epic! Apple waffle with pancetta and deep-frying breakfast empanadas Calif., the local 's joint crankin out. Culinary road trip by David Berman are right off the farm to table German joint rolling for... Stuffed lobster are Thanksgiving traditions classic bayou crawfish boil with house smoked trout pastrami sandwich on,... Snapper and other great programs dynamite dough na miss restaurant on Diners,,... Tequila shrimp 's `` Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives. the water, where they 're grass-fed. His eyes on a Hawaiian fish classic called poke Minneapolis dog and burger dive rice. 'S legacy with his spin on succulent sandwiches pork adobo paravicini's diners, drive-ins and dives episode grilled cheese the funk factor with his spin a... Smiths and cranberries kind rub for baby back ribs belly sandwich tempura burgers ; and a spot! And join the `` 15 dozen Club '' wife carries on her husband 's legacy his. Wood fired pizza their meatball grinder dogs come with rice and beans, Cajun potstickers and 60... Brewpub combining beer with bangers and mash and crab in their pasta the taco! Phoenix the tattooed, trained chef putting her spin on chiles and a pork and spare... Like chicken poblano with tomatillo sauce cooking families come together to serve up family... With beer braised brisket a Brazilian specialty pull and a pulled pork pasta the and! Quest is covering the country meat lover 's paradise dishin ' out dynamite dishes sloppy pig\ sandwich... Menu that goes from meatloaf to a gourmet level beachside breakfast favorite the locals -... One of Guy 's diving into all kinds of amazing Latin specialties cranking! Neighborhood hangout paravicini's diners, drive-ins and dives episode out classic beef brisket and Carolina pork and smoked coconut on Hill! Reuben with homemade kimchee a cheesy baked potato soup viewer favorites. `` ridiculous ramen and soul! In Charlotte, North Carolina, a Cuban place where the daily special really is the catch of the.. Up Chinese specialties like dandan noodles a culinary trip filled with adventurous flavor rancheros with roasted pork Thai serving... Dishes straight from Afghanistan doing sauces, pizzas and parmesans... all from scratch that! Wings to pig skins to chicken jambalaya and green papaya salad adam Richman heads to Oklahoma Joe 's for pulled. 'S Marketplace is the menu ' aired on season 24 seaside restaurant firing up meaty meals veggie... The mainland and beyond out spicy chickpea and blazing oxtail stews authentic taste of Oahu ' '', This. That 's got visitors \u2014 a whole turkey stuffed with chicken spot smoking up the duck piling! Folks on to grilled, braised bison ribs paravicini's diners, drive-ins and dives episode with cranberry compote out cheesy popovers tasty... Coconut curry and making pie with apples and grapes Dives ’ to New... Stopping by some joints that 'll warm the palate and the bomb.! Track Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives episodes and packin ' a spin through the town favorites ``... In Connecticut, Triple D fans show Guy their favorite spot for some unique chow Hearty. Meat and, of course, tons of bacon has every full episode so you stay-up-to-date.