And I'm so sorry to hear someone stole your photos & recipes...I always wonder how I would know if this happened to me, so it's very kind of that person to let you know.Thank you for the lovely recipe :-) ~ marie. Do not worry, God is the greatest. can the coconut paste be made in advance and keep in the freezer till use?, 35g egg (less than 1 egg, lightly beaten). Sonia, I love your blog. love it! Baked Coconut Buns Ingredients Bread Dough Coconut Filling With Palm Sugar Egg Wash (1 Whole Egg beat with 1 Tbsp of water) Method Divide it into 4 portions. 好多的椰丝哦,好吃好吃~请问你怎么拿倒扣面包出来?别难过了,我之前也是在FB遇到如此糟糕的人,气死了!. Knead on low speed for 15 minutes. Form each piece into an oblong filling, add gula Melaka, pandan leaves and water, bring to boil over medium Equally divide The smell of coconut with the bread baking in the oven...must be one of the most wonderful experiences in the kitchen. Baking Recipes. Well, it happend to me too that one blog stole the whole contents of my blog :(. Me and my husband like cocount buns but my kids not... Sonia , these looks very delicious and they're really gorgeous looking buns :) What a shameless person behind that blog tsk tsk I hope he/she'll get a bad karma :D But don't ever close your blog , you'll be missed for sure ;), sonia,没吃过白糖弄的椰包,下回一定要试。那些人呀。。。。。#%¥@你的处理是对的,我挺你。. Yum yum..!! Good job Sonia!Shame on the person who stole your blog post! my husband loves this.. i recommend to use electric mixer because this is super sticky but worth it if u try my dough recipe. Coconut buns 1. your skills, your talent is what people can never steal. Recipe: French Bean Omelette (with Video), 菲律賓免烤奶油酥餅(奶粉糖)。philippine Powderd Milk Candy. June, you click the "no manners person " for the link. 2. Do you mean use all the tangzhong dough (45 g bread flour and 225 ml water) for the buns when you refer to 1 tangzhong dough? I am so sorry that this happen to you. It's soft and so yummy packed generously with coconut fillings which we can't find in the bakery shops. He or she will be punished in other form. =) Sorry to hear about your images. cream the butter and suggar untill light and fluffy, beat eggs and add a little at a time beating after each addition. Set aside to allow it to proof for about 45~60 into 20 portions, shape to round ball and set aside to rest for 10mins. Your buns looks wonderful! I too love the white coconut filling and have been thinking to make these too.The site's title free delicacies... oredi shows something, I do see a lot of websites that say , "Please copy and paste into your blog" because they steal other's blog post and put it on their site, then let others take as they want. I also love coconut bun, with gula melaka is the best ^_^. I LOVE those. 4 tbsp of water. 30-45mins. Place buns on a lined baking sheet, seam side down, and let proof for another Can the DMCA do anything to those plagiarizers? though i'm not a blogger, but i know how you feel. anyway i love homemade coconut buns. Beat egg and water together with fork in small cup. Increase to medium speed and Sigh ....! I do have this problem too, they download my whole post into their blog, even my labels are mine, and if you clickon the labels, they come back to my blog. Mix well. Thanks for clarifying. Remove I like to eat coconut bun, it's one of my childhood favorite snack and my mum loves it too! the oven and cool them on a cooling rack. Very soft & delicious. knead it for about 10-15 minutes. Very tempting buns, i love coconut buns too ^^. In a large bowl, stir together the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. (the otherhand when you give the site of the stealer to others, the stealer will get benefit from statistic of people who comes :(. August 04, 2010 7:18 PM They sound so good!Sorry to hear about the content stealing. Add the potatoes half an hour before serving. Coconut buns are my favorite for sure. This steamed buns recipe is a fusion of Malaysian pandan coconut flavour and Chinese steamed buns. walawei....copy & paste je. 150+ Malaysian recipes with color photos. Remove the buns from 3 awesome macrobiotic recipes: Fried brown rice, Vegie stew & more! Those look so much better than those from the bakery! wow...what a great timing! 2. At the same time, I would like to thanks to, (formerly Tastes of Home)who highlighted to me a ", " steal my photo and recipe (an example of my. Add the pork pieces, coconut milk and chicken broth. Coconut flour is a fun addition to any keto-friendly pantry – this low-carb ingredient is especially great when you’ve got a craving for something carby cuz let’s face it, bacon and eggs are awesome and all but sometimes you just gotta have your pancakes! i just went to check out the website, so sorry for you.our beloved Sonia, no matter how angry are u, plz don't close down your blog. The buns look great :)You're so welcome! delicious looking soft buns wonderfully done. In this post, you are going to learn the easiest way to make homemade steamed buns or mantou buns. bread. Working on a floured surface, punch down the dough, and cut into 2 equal pieces. bun with pandan leaf that secured with toothpick. Combine honey and hot water in separate small cup. Don't stop blogging for because of these cheapskates. Like Bengawan Solo Kek Lapis / Lapis Legit / Spekkoek/ Indonesian Layer Cake - The BEST Kek Lapis recipe!!! They're brownish in color so probably they're roasted or toasted and dipped in gula melaka. For coconut Sonia, wah ... your bread so beautiful and delicious. In a large mixing bowl or mixer with a dough hook attachment, combine the flour, milk powder, yeast, sugar and salt. Crispy Skin Roasted Pork Belly / Ba Chỉ Lợn Quay Giòn Bì, 麵筋素肉清淡口味版本 Homemade Gluten Wheat Meat - Lighter Taste Version, Home Made Sprouts Recipe / How To Make Sprouts, 生日蛋糕 ~ 香兰棉花蛋糕 Birthday Cake ~ Pandan Cotton Cake, Mango Jam ( Breadmaker ) and Condensed Milk Bread with Tangzhong, 青红椒虾仁蒸豆腐 Steamed Tofu With Prawns & Chillies. Here are some of the equipment, utensils and gadgets that will be useful for making this recipe. . Your coconut buns look so delicious, must be very good to be eaten when piping hot.Yes Sonia, must give these people a good lesson. These coconut buns are made of just two ingredients: self-raising flour and coconut milk. apparently, you're not alone, i saw a familiar post on her site 'korean japhae' n recognised that it was from 'steamy kitchen'. am i to harsh?! Yes, must visit this thief's blog. Discard Should I make this myself instead? Special request means its really really good! These will be perfect for making our US Thanksgiving more excited and a bit more international. Then 4-Ingredient Keto Bread with Cashew Butter and Chocolate Chips, Vanilla Custard Fruit Tart/Fruit Custard Puff Pastry Tarts, Butternut squash, black bean and quinoa salad, Bubur Barli Rancangan Nona TV3 dan Cerita Cinta Sejati. It's Asher's Birthday and My blog moving day! I saw this post earlier from my cellphone and I almost died thinking how grate these buns must be. Tricks to crispy pan-fried fish, and...Chicken & Rice is out in German! Too much! Gently roll each piece into logs. ;P. Coconut buns is my all time favourite; and I am still buying this at my bakery store near my home. Looks perfect ..I like this very much too. heat and cook until sugar dissolved. minutes, or until the dough has doubled in size. Think we should write on that person on his/her comments column. Beautiful images. I tried these coconut bun and they are awesome. Place all the dry ingredients in the mixing bowl of a stand mixer. For the Lovely colour. He/she/it had lot of fun taking stuff from others, looks like the fun will be short-lived. u didn't leave the link . Thanks for the alert! So far, I know that at lest 4 bloggers have made DMCA so hopefully this person's site will get taken down as a LOT of her stuff is copied. 3. Directions. Remind me of my childhood, my mom always bought this bun from a local bakery shop. I saw it and it's horrible. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Reduce the gravy according to taste and serve with coconut rice. You make so many delicious things. 4. :)Oh man, I hope this "no manner person" will take down all the photos and posts that she stole from other bloggers who worked hard to produce. Recipe by smilingface2008 yummy.. for coconut lover. Using psyllium husk powder helps to counteract this and also gives the keto bread a bit of a lift. I cannot wait to give these a try! If anyone has that recipe, please, please post it for all of us. i loved the coconut filling i can eat it by itself without the bread yumm. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! I can see that most of her recipes and pictures were stolen from someone else. Flatten Hip Hip HooRay! u can use your own dough recipe. Sonia, Hope u feel better now. For the bread. I already reported her to Adsense as well...fingers crossed :) Thanks for taking the action..the more complaints the better! Cut each log into 4 pieces. she needs to be 'executed'!!! So sad to hear this news,terrible people.BTW, your buns looks so tempting, lots of filling,yum yum. The coconut flour absorbs a tremendous amount of liquid, making it difficult to come away with a soft and fluffy bread. I going to complaint this case to, My best melt-in-mouth Pineapple tarts (enclosed version) 最酥的凤梨酥, Traditional Kuih Kapit (Love Letters ) 传统鸡蛋卷_2016 CNY cookies 年饼_金猴报春, Ondeh Ondeh Swiss Roll Christmas Log Cake 班兰椰香蛋糕卷, Making Natural Yeast (Sourdough starter) 自制_ 天然酵母 (面粉和水), Key Lime Cupcake : Free and Easy Bake-Along #13. Have never seen coconut cooked with white sugar before. Store in air-tight container at all Menjenguk ke Luar Jendela : Apa Khabar Semua? Bought from the Rotiman. >o