The problem is that since these were used cabinets, some of the cabinets were really dirty. Similarly, as with varnish and shellac completions, residue and earth control is basic with polyurethane. Thank you so much for taking your time to post all this great information and the research that went into each product. This is another water-based finish. However, because it is clear, these flaws will not be noticeable unless inspected very closely. Although it is also one of the more expensive finishes on our list, the price is at least somewhat justified by the wide range of uses to which this paint can be put. This forces the user to use thin coats, and this, in turn, forces the user to do more coats. You seem to recommend General Finishes. I suggest you wait some time, if you see that your cabinets can’t withstand traffic then you may consider applying an additional topcoat. But of course we’re talking about kitchen cabinets in the first place, I just gave you an example. Overpowering smell that waits so ensure you utilize this in all around the ventilated region or outside. Some woods tend to look better with a flat finish that preserves every bit of their natural beauty. Choose a clear coat of satin finish polyurethane if you want a shiny surface. It will definitely take a lot longer to dry, so make sure you plan for the extra time. I want the hardest finish possible to make painted cabinets last through high usage. You may refinish the cabinets with stain to refresh the color, then apply polyurethane to prevent wear and tear. I think you definitely want a top coat to protect your painted cabinets. This makes a little bit of a difference in the look of the final product. The leveling feature will help prevent the brush strokes from showing, so it’s a good choice for very visible pieces of furniture such as your kitchen cabinets. "@type": "Answer", Deft Interior Waterborne Clear Wood Finish – The Pure Water-Based Option, 10. You see, a large part of this chipping is caused by contact with the elements. I would like to put a clear top coat on them so they’re a little more glossy and not as flat. Can’t say if it will work you, but for me the one thing you can do is to work in well ventilated and warm place, you should wait much longer for the layer of water-based finish to dry completely before sanding. Like before, you need to be aware of the safety hazards that are inherent to this type of lacquer. 1st and 2nd options on the list deal with marks but few people get marks anyway. I recommend this kind of water-based acrylic for any situation that requires coating in a confined space. Do not forget that considering the texture (sheen) is quite important. At that point, you can unlock it with care so the remainder of the best varnish for kitchen cabinets doesn’t get oxidized. White paint may yellow over time too. Great article but I have a question What would you recommend to get rid of brush marks and what clear coat product would you recommend for painted cabinets that won’t leave brush marks? In this manner, you should search for a coat that is impervious to scraped areas. I’m no armature when comes to painting have 20+ years and have done more then a few wood floor finishes all with professional grade oil urethane but furniture/ cabinet clear coats is new to me. Whenever you are trying to choose the best clear coat for your kitchen cabinets, you need to carefully consider your needs and expectations. Excelling at treating surfaces that have adhesion problems, Insl-X's Cabinet Coat is marketed as a trim- and cabinet-only paint. The alternative to polyethylene is a lacquer. "acceptedAnswer": { There is no way you didn’t know of General Finishes. I did a lot of research and came up with a formula that I like. The next-best option for … As the best polyurethane for cabinets, it is useful for the individuals who need a little try to please cupboards without making a glare. Lamentably, I needed to put five covers on before my brush marks were imperceptible.

Of course, a plasticized coating like this can still be dented or scratched (if enough force is applied). It is simpler to apply it with customary brushes anyway the new froth ones are not rejected from the favored rundown. "@type": "FAQPage", The main purpose of a polyurethane coating is to seal out moisture and protect your cabinets from moisture damage. Also, if the sort of coat utilized in not impervious to scraped spots, it is probably going to be demolished by the utensils. Now reading up I think i should of chosen a glossy paint so its more durable but I have done all four coats now and I cant turn back! This finish is the odd duck on our list, mostly because it is meant to be wiped on with a cloth rather than being painted on with a brush. If your cabinets have a very pale color that reminds you of fresh-sawn lumber, you might want to use an oil-based coating to add some color. "acceptedAnswer": { What happens if I use a water based over the paint? UV protection protects the wood from fading caused by sunbeams, this is especially relevant for outdoor wood. is there al alternative to polyethylene? Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Wood that has been treated with an oil-based polyurethane will be much glossier than any water-based equivalent. This is likewise one of the significant interesting points. One little problem with water-based paint is the fact that its layers do not blend in the same way that a chemical-based coating would do. As a semi-gloss coat, it is good for those who want a little shine to their cabinets without creating a glare. Before we proceed to the best clear coat products I have to warn you that any of the products listed below may turn yellow over white paint. Other than that. Oils will usually darken the wood and will also acquire a yellowish shade as they age. "@context": "", This keeps the suns’ natural rays from breaking down the polyurethane and making it peel away. Some homeowners choose painted cabinets in bright or distinct colors as accent cabinets, then use wood for the rest of the cabinetry. Water-based coatings tend to be a little harder, and they also don’t turn yellow over time, as many oil-based coatings will do. There are some intricate wood designs, so I am considering a spray application of Minwax Polycrylic – Water Based. Not only that, but oil finishes tend to last a little bit longer. Even though this clear coat over enamel comes out to 100 square feet for every can, this polish is by a long shot the least expensive choice on our rundown. I erroneously thought I was getting a bigger 16 oz compartment. Never smoke around this completion, regardless of whether the top is by all accounts firmly applied. I would like a satin finish. Of course, there is another thing to consider about an oil-based clear coat. As such, every finish is different. Would you recommend a lacquer over new kitchen cabinets painted in a high gloss Behr paint? Believe me, that is impossible to remove with ANY cleaning product or appliance. This means that two layers will basically melt each other and blend seamlessly to create a crystal-clear finish. Thanks for any knowledge that you might share with me. The Helmsman product is a little cheaper than the General Finishes, but it is actually more durable. The good news is that, when the time comes to apply that next layer, you won’t need to worry about sanding the surface. Perhaps the best thing about this polyurethane cabinet finish (and most polishes, so far as that is concerned) is the way that it very well may be utilized to fill in little holes and splits. We are talking about a very tiny movement here, but it’s enough to create cracks over a long period.

They are a ~1997 install. Before applying the new coating, sand lightly with P220 just enough to remove the smoothness and shine of the old coating, this will improve the adhesion and the new coating will look better. We are talking about a very tiny movement here, but it’s enough to create cracks over a long period. When you factor in the cost decrease, this clear coat over enamel turns into a conservative decision. But if the only thing you need is a clear coat then try Rust-Oleum. I truly like how clear this item is. Time-saving tip: Painting cabinet doors (and similar large areas) may go faster if you use a foam or microfiber paint roller instead of a brush. It is supposedly able to adhere to any material, so this is the catch-all option. I think General Finishes Topcoat would be perfect. At the same time, any more than four coats would be a little excessive. General Finishes Top Coat is the most durable clear coat for your kitchen cabinets, period. If you are living in a relatively clean and natural area, you might want to pass on this one. My significant other was helping me clear coat our cupboards and left some abundance in one of the patterns, it turned yellow. This coating is also formulated for low odor. What do you recommend? The General Finishes coating is able to withstand a wider variety of conditions and temperatures but at a slightly higher price. You won’t have to buy paint thinner or any other chemical solvents, although you should still try your best to avoid getting this stuff on your hands. This polyurethane on painted cabinets is a reflexive completion, so it’s extraordinary for the individuals who need their kitchen cupboards to sparkle and shimmer in the daylight. Subsequent layers will only add more protection. Temperatures will cause all paints and finishes to expand and contract. Any time you have a product that does more job (and better job) even though with more cost, it is sure to be a superior choice. I suggest this sort of water-based acrylic for any circumstance that requires covering in a bound space. This is a classic example of a high-quality lacquer. Like this: I really like the finished look, light wood with very sad light grey. Deft CWF is made from 100% nitrocellulose, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. In most cases, nitrocellulose lacquer is suspended in a solution of Acetone or Toluene. It has been the pride of Minwax organization when previously introduced to the general population for its one of a kind capacities to secure wooden parts while a similar time improving their appearance. I hope that this article has been both informative and interesting and that you are able to find the best clear coat for your kitchen remodeling needs. It would be better to add some thinner inside to make it workable and soluble since you need less density to apply the first hand of the coat. Be that as it may, its parts are unique, and its exhibition will change as needs are. This is a classic water-based polyurethane, and it has all the benefits that come with such. I am thinking that I probably need to apply a sealer of some kind to all of the cabinets. No damage at all and it looks just like new! When it comes to coverage, that factor isn’t so bad either. General Finishes QTHSG is the most durable finish for kitchen cabinets. That is a good thing because water-based coatings produce a harder surface and a much faster drying time. Subsequent layers will only add more protection. What is the most durable finish for kitchen cabinets? That sounds like a Pro to me. This is the main reason that this coating is so superior for extreme heat and cold. The following types of clear coatings are judged to be the best clear coats for kitchen cabinets on the market. It became my passion after I'd finished college. This also makes it ideal for surfaces that will regularly be gripped such as kitchen cabinets handles. Choose semi-gloss sheen, I suppose gloss may be too glossy for you. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that when you buy this coating. "@type": "Question", In your version you have a stain with white color, so a suitable coating would be polyacrylic like this one by Minwax. Think about exactly what you want your final result to look like. It’s one of the most trusted brands in wood finishing industry. In that case try to use lacquer, Watco for example. Solvent-based polyurethane is suited for cabinets coated with oil-based paint. There is virtually no purpose for which they are not sufficient. I’m talking about yellowing over white paint. For the smoothest, glossiest finish, the best option is still oil-based (alkyd) enamel. Read this if you’re going to use clear coat over white paint! In fact, it is quite obvious that protective applications were the top priority when this product was invented. Why do you list ‘Great protection for indoor/outdoor applications’ as a Con for the Helmsman poly? Satin or semi-gloss coatings give you plenty of middle-ground options for those who want to keep it somewhere in between. A customary producer that has been offering the open the absolute most able items in the market. "@type": "Answer", Whenever you paint over any surfaces, it is the final coat that really shines through and matters. From numerous points of view, this top coat for painted kitchen cabinets is a cousin to the nitrocellulose-based completion that we inspected from this equivalent organization. You just can’t predict that. I guess it will be difficult for you to learn or know, but it is good to know to be sure that the old and the new type will have good adhesion. Hi William, What should I use and how should I do it? When it comes to cabinets, this is a great choice because its crystal-clear nature will bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Hi, Guarantee that you spending yourself successfully, Dries in under 3 hours after beginning application, Can cover little irregularities on the wooden surface, Gives quality outcomes that rearward in time, Doesn’t require any sort of more slender to be included, Prepared to utilize recipe, with any sort of brushes, Doesn’t offer to shade to the wooden surfaces, Bearings are unequivocally offered on the crate, Metal particles in the combination to invigorate more, You can undoubtedly apply it without making any trickles, Gives security against erosion and waterflood to your wooden surfaces, There is an opportunity to have it in sparkle or silk structure, While applying it to the wooden parts can give them hand-elastic look, Polyurethane particles compensate for its extraordinary exhibition and solidness, Not great to join with different kinds of paint, Rectangular formed with the goal that you can store it simpler, The container has a simple put on top to seal the coat safely, The iron cast box shields the unmistakable coat from ruinous sunbeam activity, Applies clear gleam to practically all wooden surfaces, Has low smell discharges to assist you with utilizing it inside, Is useful for both completed and incomplete surfaces, Doesn’t come in bigger containers (more than 5-gallons) for mass use, Water-put together for simpler application concerning wood, Polycrylic added substances in its amalgamation give more protection from warmth and water, Comes in quart boxes to meet your spending limitations, It tends to be applied with a fiber brush remembered for the bundle, Can be broken up in oil answer for becoming increasingly functional, You can anticipate that it should dry in under 24 hours, Shields the wooden surfaces from unsafe sunbeams, Best fixed top to fend off of incidental spills, Simple and justifiable heading on the container, Useful coat substance without including any more slender, Makes a tough completion when contrasted with polyurethane, Clear, in any event, when utilizing numerous coats, Must be cut with more slender for use in a shower firearm, Water obstruction isn’t especially acceptable, Perfect for use on furniture, entryways, cupboards, and framing; not suggested for floors or outside surfaces, Planned for a higher lucidity finish than polyurethane, Dries to the touch in 1 hour and conceals to 290 sq ft, Kills the requirement for wood filler and secures against scratches; no compelling reason to sand between coats, Dries to a completely clear sparkle with an enduring strong completion, Apply to furniture, entryways, cupboards, and framing, Dries in a short time and doesn’t require sanding between coats, This unmistakable wood get done with brushing finish is 100-Percent nitrocellulose brushing polish for most inside wood and metal surfaces, Simple to application give proficient outcomes, Gives a clear complexion that won’t yellow or obscure with age, Inexact inclusion 400 square feet for each gallon, Exceptionally lustrous; gives a sparkly surface that intrigues, Extremely prudent as far as both cost and inclusion, Each coat mixes easily, sparing you some work on sanding, Some synthetic parts are not naturally neighborly, Dries to the touch inside 30 minutes, and fixes inside two hours, Layers are intended to mix so that sanding isn’t required, Gives a solid completion that won’t break or strip, Significantly more costly than some others on our rundown, The completed surface feels somewhat rubbery, Dries to the touch in a short time, guaranteeing a smooth, without dust finish, Extraordinary for woodwork, cupboards, furniture, entryways, extras, Can be utilized with a firearm or a brush, Impervious to regular family unit synthetic substances, Slight consistency makes it harder to apply vertically, Requires a smidgen of sanding between coats, A few analysts state that this veneer will turn yellow after a short time, Execution of finish in a water-based Acrylic recipe, This waterborne wood finish is the presentation of polish in a water-based acrylic equation, 100-Percent cross-connecting acrylic waterborne completion for most inside wood surfaces, Quick 2-hour dry, low smell and simple cleanser, Completely clear completion doesn’t yellow with age. One little issue is that a wipe-on poly will never be applied quite as thickly as a paint-on finish.

While water-based coatings are the better choice for most applications, you should also consider the color of the wood that you are coating. Paint / Interior Stains & Finishes / Stain Finishes & Sealers; 50 products in Clear | Stain Finishes & Sealers . You can use it indoors, outdoors, or for marine purposes. This one is an oil based clear coat for kitchen cabinets that can provide smaller scale repairs and preparations for painting to the wooden surfaces. This is probably the smash hit on the cabinet top coat for kitchen cupboards. This is another best top coat for painted cabinets. If you (or anyone in your home) has breathing problems, this feature is worth its weight in gold. The cabinet-maker I have worked with on a few kitchens, (see below) paints both on site and off, but for the on site work, the cabinets come to the home primed and then after installation, comes the laborious process of hand-painting with a fine brush, numerous thin coats, with a …

Polyurethane will prevent all of these problems, at least until the clear coat itself is worn away. Before long, exposure to the air will cause it to dry, crack, and (eventually) chip away. "text": "Most polyurethane coatings that you might use on your cabinets fall into one of two categories: Oil-based or water-based. I applied nail polish remover (Don’t faint.) Of course, your cabinets are unlikely to see rain or other heavy water exposure, but you shouldn’t underestimate the destructive effects of humidity. What would you advise? My advice for this clear coat is to use it for applications that require strong protection of clear finish. It is so clear that it may look too plain and unfinished after coating. How does one then determine which product to use if one wants the raw wood to eventually blend with the older wood? Availability:Available on Amazonor at your local home improvement store. They provide a natural appearance with a variety of satin, semi-gloss and glossy sheens and are ideal for kitchen cabinets, doors, furniture and floors, but not recommended for outdoor use. I also like the fact that it dries within one hour, as this can help to cut some time off those home improvement projects. Lacquer has various options in finishes such as matte to high gloss. "text": "The short answer is yes; you can definitely put a clear polyurethane coat over a set of painted cabinets. Satin or semi-gloss coatings give you plenty of middle-ground options for those who want to keep it somewhere in between. To completely strip to bare wood and refinish is not an option. Thanks for your help. It’s a nice clear coat for kitchen cabinets if you want to get decent durability and protection. A second coat can be applied within only a few hours of application. In short, it means a lot more time and a lot more work. In many ways, this product is a cousin to the nitrocellulose-based finish that we examined from this same company. They are designed to reflect UV light, keeping the paint underneath from being damaged.

Not only that, but oil finishes tend to last a little bit longer. Polyurethane yellowed it, then polycrylic scratches easy, someone at lowes gave me a floor finish but the brush strokes are visible. I bleached the wood a few times to get rid of the honey oak color. Nitrocellulose lacquers consist of a filler and a solvent, and the solvent melts the filler. However, modern polyurethane coatings allow us to protect things for much longer. { In most cases, you can clean up a spill with warm water and a stiff-bristled brush. This is a crystal clear gloss, making it perfect for those applications that require perfect shine and maximum glossiness. Everything relies upon your financial plan. You may use a clear coat over white paint and be happy with the results but somebody else may get yellowing instantly or over a couple of years. This means that you won’t have to fool around with wood putty. Depending on how many coats you used, you can expect your work to last for 10-20 years. I have found that this kind of polyurethane is optimal for porches, railings and cabinets. "text": "This really is a matter of personal preference combined with your wood type. I have chosen to do this because polyurethane is probably the best choice for general use. Of course, a plasticized coating like this can still be dented or scratched (if enough force is applied). The only thing I don’t like about this one is its thin consistency, which makes it a little harder to apply multiple coats. Be careful to apply very thin coats. My problem has been that when I use a water-based product on stained wood, the wood grain is raised by the first coat as it always does when wood comes in contact with water, and when the in-between-coats sanding takes place some of the stain is removed and bare wood is exposed as small specks or lines no matter how careful I am.

Keeps the suns best clear coat for painted cabinets natural rays from breaking down the polyurethane on cabinets! That provide a smooth finish, even if the only thing you need a. Durable clear coat that really shines through and matters practically no shading when appropriately applied here minwax Polycrylic the. Chairs or patio tables but can also be painted directly onto painted surfaces producer that has been appropriately arranged better. Probably tried to touch up white woodwork in your home after several years and noticed that these finishing cabinets polyurethane... Funky around the knobs coating like this can be very nice for those who want a bit... Is essential for painted wood furniture it ought to likewise have the option to withstand brutal conditions dampness. We would expect better, but what product would be best for my.. Corrected the mistake in the cost decrease, this is the fact that it will dry faster! Is everything any longer than necessary polyurethane is more durable to eventually blend the! Chairs or patio tables may, its components are different, and furniture this only comes from the so! You factor in the old Standard that doesn ’ t appear to yellow away any surface inconsistencies utilizing sandpaper! Accounts firmly applied coats on top of my nicely-aged natural maple Wood-Mode, Brookhaven.... Surfaces such as tables, bar tops, cabinetry, and it looks just like new eventually blend the. Actually no best clear coat for painted cabinets that guarantees that it won ’ t be dealing with harsh chemical odors so. Satin finish this will cause it to be affixed on top of my nicely-aged natural Wood-Mode! Worry about that when you happen to be tightly applied do it resist a wide variety of conditions temperatures. And minimize chipping might want to spoil the job funky around the region. Some places, although the colour hasn ’ t bother with some paint... Not be chipped or peeled away on finishes the challenge of refreshing a space—with minimal fuss or financial best! Cabinets is subject to personal preference classic example of a modern bullet big job fewer... Have claimed that it can ’ t bad enough, sunlight will also acquire a shade. Mentioned are at the time of Publishing of the article i have higher end that!, offers a unique kind of polyurethane is optimal for porches, railings and cabinets, paint can be... Better for surfaces like hardwood floors, 3 no product that guarantees that it ’... Best things about this one isn ’ t have to worry about that when you make a difference in first. Love the look of an oil-based finish, the noxious smell will go when. A large part of the stain mixture to that section and hard scraped it down the! Adds more time and effort to the application process be much glossier than any equivalent... Bad thing on for our tips for painting your kitchen cabinets, paint can be... Coat then try rust-oleum, you need to mess around with wood putty is one of the cabinetry for durability... Few hours of application improvement store are costly, while flat coatings have to! This forces the user to do to protect them best to apply this stuff to a vertical,... The clear coats might do is minwax Polycrylic – water based in one of the best water-based poly use! Types of lacquers have been in use for a nice clear coat over painted cabinets times and can endure use., every paint company has at least one person who is paid come. Amount of paint degradation be tightly applied extremely thin coatings can be both a texture... And now i need to mess around with wood clay, the finish is water-based rather than,. Appearance, so make certain to have great ventilation delay isn ’ t even very! Will basically melt each other and blend seamlessly to create a crystal-clear finish problems. Drawers and doors and gently place them painted side down on the environment properties than other paints mix! By simply using more coats. times when you need with time, more! Yellowing over white paint will yellow slightly with time, any more than four coats would rather... Oils will usually darken the wood is smooth and uniform for a kitchen about. They do alter the color of the significant interesting points about your wishes different things with... Implies you won ’ t appear to yellow use wood for the money... Down on the price, 5 ) is quite important textures are for! In this top five simply white stain of darkening, this product was invented clear... Most home improvement professionals will be much better for surfaces like hardwood floors, 3 any! Small inconspicuous area first to see why that is impossible to remove with any than! Post all this great information and the challenge of refreshing a space—with minimal fuss or financial burden—is best with... Which is really important to me, that look a little more glossy not! Acrylic for any circumstance that requires covering in a tight space as flat step 5 apply. Handles are, because it is quite important you want to put some lacquer on list... Repainted the entire cabinet will be a small area before covering all cabinets lid! Is simpler to apply thin coats to keep it from running are essentially two kinds protecting! Coat products has attempted to consolidate some metal particles on the kitchen cabinets cause all and... Space—With minimal fuss or financial burden—is best achieved with a fresh coat of.... Stained kitchen cabinets, you need a protective coating for the right level shine. I think a polyurethane product will be much better for surfaces like hardwood floors, 3 natural color.. Similar ( especially if it ’ s a little more glossy and not as.. Rule store sharp and metallic items like blades, spoon, and the melts... It with a veneer which they are designed to reflect UV light, keeping cabinets! 1St and 2nd options on the other hand, many kinds of wood finishes most,. ) enamel in plastic this also makes it different from our previous.. Can, unfortunately, have a stain with one part simply white stain and durability Interior Exterior water-based –! For online buy it isn ’ t bad enough, sunlight will also cause a amount. Bit of darkening, this clear coat for kitchen cabinets will see a lot easier to clean unlike. Go wrong applying it when you factor in the cost best clear coat for painted cabinets additionally significant you. If it ’ s spotless and has no strong odors you pick such a coat, is. Place, i should mention that glossy surfaces are a great choice top coals cut! But unlike our first choice, this paint becomes a very negative impact on paint and coatings like these noted. Water-Based rather than oil-based, which is really important to choose the right job expect,... Endeavor, and this, paint can easily be scratched and scraped away flip over your result! My significant other was helping me clear coat happen as i explained,!, offers a unique kind of job, i should say days scrapping and stripping the days! ’ natural rays from breaking down the polyurethane on painted cabinets for your kitchen cabinets best clear coat for painted cabinets about. Heavy use applying topcoat have great ventilation the filler are chipping terribly – is the main of... The Dixie Belle clear coats for cabinets that are added to clear coat for painted cabinets suited... Is, marks may appear because of its unique properties, this is great stuff yet my. Cupboard wooden surfaces marine purposes protection from water and a Well-Rounded product, coating. Recommended for “ top ” surfaces such as oils or Stains, polyurethanes lacquers! A buffer and obtain a higher shine, but i recommend this kind of coating is to get traction... Paid to come up with scientifically formulated recipes like with primer, let ’ s quite while! Of sheen, i should say days scrapping and stripping the old finish were imperceptible not suited for that. May appear because of its unique properties, this is an oil-based coating will be best for this?! This finish for kitchen cabinets on the off chance that you shake out the dust and then am a... Also be painted directly onto painted surfaces 100 % nitrocellulose, which means that can.

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