Keep the bat angle opened. Make sure that it is the body that will move and rotate the arm because most beginners make the mistake of using the arm to move your body. Your whole body is what gives you power – not just your arm or wrist. Bend your knees slightly as you crouch the body. Do not swipe your body but you must follow the ball. Make sure that your body weight is distributed even in your both feet and at the toes. -  Designed by Thrive Themes | Powered by WordPress. Play downwards Slightly to enable you to finish with the balls near the table that You should put the bat down the table and then put backspin on the balls. maintaining direction on 1 diagonal only. Finishing well is vital as it makes the play to flow smoothly. Stand facing the direction that you wish to play and also make sure that your backhand rubber is facing the same direction. Return 20 counter-drives by means of backhand counter-drives in sequences of 2: Against slow backspin returns, which have been placed alternately to Area J and K, Move your hands up to meet and hit the coming ball. In table tennis, if you can return all the service, your winning chance will … You have to lift the backspin over the net. Are you winning most of your big matches? Table Tennis Coach in a small club in France. Bring the bat closer to the table while finishing by making sure that you play downwards slightly. These are some tips and trips for you to quickly improve your table tennis skills. Do not make the mistake of playing the shot using your shoulders. forehand topspin drives and forehand push shots, back to Area A. Equipment •  15 Common Mistakes in Table Tennis & How to Avoid Them, How to Play Ping Pong: The Beginner Guide, 8 Effective Tips : How to Practice Table Tennis Alone, 15 Reasons why table tennis is the best sport: Benefits of Ping Pong, 06 Best Ping Pong Glues for Your Racket in 2021, Copyright text 2021 by A Great Paddle. The weight should be shifted on the back of your foot as you rotate your body from the side of your hips. Feet should also be wider than the width of the shoulder slightly. Improving your table tennis skill level. Dealing effectively with other people, as a table tennis player involves; working alongside other players, coaches, team managers, support staff, friends, and family. The key to acquiring this important skill in table tennis is to carefully … (AATT) is completely free to use. You are also advised to stay very close to the table to be ready to make the next move. You should move your bat away from the elbow and move it up and in the forward direction. However, it's run by one person only (Martin Hughes) and has high running costs that need to be paid for. While making contact, accelerate your arm slightly, and it will give you good pace and spin. Bring it back until it is slightly above the left hit only if you are right-handed. sideways, forward jogging and then running. Generally speaking, there are particularly three things you need to practice on: All-around technical strengths — varied Service, Service return, Attack, and Defense. This is a drive, and therefore you must get it collect to be able to make the next move. Play 50 backhand topspin drives, to one point, against half-volley returns which have been placed alternately to Areas C and D. Good backhand position and footwork required throughout. The key to attacking backspin balls is brushing upwards. Action Step:Evaluate your results over the past year. Table tennis coaching will help you to improve your skills and can be great fun too. Therefore your feet must face the feet of the opponent backhand Conner diagonally. Target Areas may be regarded as a notional 18 inches square. Assessors will rule on quality of performance appropriate to each test level. The timing is very important too. Place your right foot further behind your left foot. The distance between you and the table should not be more than one arm. Controller returns all balls to Area H, from long distance, with backspin. For the short balls, one need to use the front feet to step in. The elbow should be bent, and bat angle should be maintained at 45 degrees. If you are a beginner, you should only concentrate on the elbow for any movement. My intention has always been to give you the best possible information, advice and recommendations, based on my 48+ years involvement in the sport. I remember that these were very important to us at that time. Play 50 forehand topspin drives, to one point, against half-volley returns which have been placed alternately to Areas C and D. Good forehand position and footwork required throughout. Apr 11, 2017 6 table tennis tactics to improve your game. You should prevent your arm from swinging to the left of your body. You should get your elbow and your forearm to make the movements, and at the same time, you should make sure that there is a small gap between the elbow and your body. So, I recommend that you use the above skill tests to improve your table tennis skill level. One needs a bat that can be used to generate more spin if one needs to learn table tennis skills effectively. Many of the better nets have adjustable posts to allow you to lower or raise the height of the net, which is handy. You should follow the line of the ball and leave the bat ahead of the body. We've got a huge selection of free and premium table tennis courses from the world's leading coaches, including; Tao Li, Brian Pace, Samson Dubina, Tom Lodziak, and many more. It must be thrown up from a flat palm into the air to a minimum height of six inches and visible to their opponent at all times. backhand (backspin) defensive returns and backhand pushes, back to Area B. The above are the most important skills and drives that the beginner needs to master to become the best table tennis player. An arm distance is recommendable between you and the table. Affiliate links are links to other web sites who sell related table tennis products. The forehand drive should be completed at the point when the bat point where you hit the ball. This can be because the backswing in it is different from the others. When our coaches decided that we'd mastered the necessary table tennis skill, we were given the chance to take our junior proficiency award badges. Do you think about forces out of your control while playing? Using forehand half-volley touch, return safely 10 services, varied as to topspin and chop and sidespin. It is also analyzed into four categories. If you want more spin, it is advisable to play underneath the ball. You should register with the best coaches as there are many more skills you must know to excel in table tennis. Our warm up exercises consisted of rotating wrist and neck muscles, rotating the trunk and stretching arm and leg muscles, jogging Optimum Tennis explains that some of the different skills and techniques that players need are stroke production, athleticism, and mental and emotional toughness. This web site receives thousands of visitors every day and therefore, to keep it completely free to use, advertising and affiliate links appear on this web site. - Other Sports and Games: Sports like squash, badminton and tennis can all help develop hand-eye coordination for racket sports. (b) a Scorer, to keep count of successes and errors. You will benefit after you master as playing table tennis is suitable for leisure, and also it can be used to earn money by playing it for money. If you are starting on the left side of the table, your partner should also be on the left side of their part of the table which should be diagonal across from you. Deliver 10 services of varying length, incorporating sidespin, alternately left and right. Using backhand and then forehand or vice versa, hit the ball back and forth across the table. Required: 4 successes to be achieved within 8 attempts. To become an excellent table tennis player, one needs to master and to get table tennis technical efficiently. They try to hit through the ball, with the bat finishing quite low. Requirement: 4 successes to be achieved within 8 attempts. Make sure that the arm you will play with is slightly in front of your body. The elbow and your body should be separated by a slight gap. You should also make sure that your body is not bent and that your wrist is straight. You should place your feet in such a way that they are more extensive than your shoulder. You are advised to stay very close to the table to prepare to hit the ball. How to Play Table Tennis They need not be marked out in full. One is advised to make the strike between the bat and the ball. Requirement: 10 good sequences before 5th error. You should also put your left leg some distance behind. This is done by keeping a forward movement in the direction of the ball. Each session, our coaches would teach us new table tennis skills and we'd have the chance to practice new strokes. Don’t make this mistake as it makes you lose the ball and therefore you finish poorly. You should return to the normal position to proceed. Play slightly down the back of the ball to get the less spin. Stretch the major muscle groups to be used in the lesson, Decrease your body temperature and heart rate, Help clear the lactic acid build up in muscles (lactic acid contributes to muscle soreness), Stretch out muscles after they've been contracting continually during the session. Most of the beginners find this drive to be the hardest one to play in table tennis drives. You should make sure that your body is leaning forward slightly. You should make sure that the gap between your elbow and your body is minimal. And get Exclusive Information via Email, Tips •  Since the aim of Proficiency Awards is to train players to maintain control of length and direction, You must see to it that your body is crouched and your right foot should be some distance back. Table tennis is, therefore, a good course to invest in. The bat should follow the ball, but it should not move across the body. When you master these steps, you are good for a stance. Some people get to master them before they start playing the table tennis. The controller will play gentle returns from Area A to Area C. Return 40 slow balls from the controller by playing, in strict alternation, a backhand push and forehand roll, The angle of the bat should be closed throughout the play. Make the stance to square to the playing table. Getting a good stance is vital as it determines how you will play the rest of game successfully. If you play using the wrist, the shot will not have enough power, and therefore you won’t be able to control it, and it might get lost. Ready Position; The grip. You are advised not to over rotate the bat as this will make it finish over the shoulder or at the neck which is not recommendable. Basic Skills. While finishing, you should hold the bat in front and facing the table. Everything needs dedication and practice, and table tennis is no exemption. Some of the players say that playing backhand drive is hander. Doing so will bring the bat closer to the table than when you were playing the backswing or the strike. In maintaining a proper stance, you should put your legs facing the direction of the play. You need to swift and agile, using your hips and shoulders, too. We'll help you to develop new winning skills, break old bad habits, bust through frustrating plateaus, and play the best table tennis of your life. Some people get to master them before they start playing the table tennis. Two sheets of A4 paper can form a useful approximation of these Centre Areas when rehearsing the tests. Mistakes by the Controller, or unlucky balls, or balls which are not appropriate to the required test skill, will not be counted against the player. We are also going to divide it into four categories and discuss what it entails. Distribute the weight of the body to your both feet and not to the heels as this is the mistake that beginners commonly make. This is the simplest move in backhand drive. Do not play the short directly in front of you but play it on the side of your body. You should make your shoulders and hips to move forward to hit the ball. You should also ensure that you follow through forward and upward movement of the ball. They’ll help you to develop new winning skills, break old bad habits, bust through frustrating plateaus, and play the best table tennis of your life. Coaching •  Requirement: 20 successes (10 + 10), before 6th error. Basic strokes; Backhand push; Forehand drive; Backhand drive; Forehand push; Service rules; Basic service. Build and maintain fitness and stamina — through regular cardiovascular exercise and endurance training. Even something like air hockey which you can play in an arcade can help with your reaction speed. Make sure that your body is not leaned or bending and also make your wrist to be straight. However, this is not a prerequisite since one can develop the skill as he continues practicing the game. Make sure that elbow angle is pointing towards the arm To prepare, do some backward twisting. You must also maintain a slight bend on your arms and then you should adjust to the original point to play the next drive. From the correct position, serve a long backhand topspin service so that the ball lands within 18 inches of your opponent's baseline. News & much more, And get Exclusive Information via Email AllAboutTableTennis, TipsStrategiesTechniquesTacticsRulesEquipmentCoachingNews & much more, Home  |   We would not recommend purchasing a table tennis table if your room is any less that 17ft x 11ft; unless you were going to mostly be playing with your table tennis table in a playback position on your own. We had one Head Coach who controlled the sessions, plus one experienced coach on each table who was able to "feed" the ball to us so that Even the best world players say that they faced some difficulty while starting but they learned as they continued to practice. You have to be able to focus on the task at hand on the tennis court and get rid of all external distractions. Do you need to improve your table tennis skill level?Is it only juniors who can improve their skills? Do not bend and make sure that you straighten your wrist throughout. About Me  |   The bat is only required to be brought back towards your body such that it is below your belly. Return 40 balls, which have been alternately driven and pushed by the controller to Area C, by alternately using play 20 forehand and backhand topspin drives, alternately, directed diagonally to Areas F and G. Return 20 drives, received alternately to Areas J and K, alternately using forehand and backhand backspin returns to Area L. Play 15 double sequences of forehand backspin and backhand drive against balls which have been respectively Often players wi… Make sure that as you are rotating your body, your elbow and bat will rotate with you. However, these adverts and affiliate links do not influence the advice and recommendations given on this web site. The basic skills are required to start playing the game from the beginning to the intermediary level. You should do a forward and backward follow up of the ball. Do not distribute your feet on your heels as this makes you unstable and therefore you won’t be able to perform well. It is good to take care because if you mess at this point, you will still be deemed to have failed. Requirement: 50 correct before 5th error. Proper footwork would allow you to move more efficiently such that you would be able to execute better, more accurate returns. You should make sure that you create a closed angle without any space. If you fi… Follow the ball forward toward the net. At this level, the bat angle should not be closed because one is supposed to contact with it at the peak of the strike. Basic skills in table tennis. Maintain 10 triple sequences of 2 backhand drives plus 1 forehand block. Know what spin is on the ball. These pieces of advice will help you get better at table tennis, improve your serve, and advance your table tennis game to the next level. Only when you have play… The controller will play, slowly, from Area B, alternately to Area C and Area D. Requirement: 40 successes before 6th error. It explains your posture and the position you should be standing before you even start hitting the ball. Do not incorporate a big backswing push as it is not necessary. Forehand flick. ... How to Play … Build and maintain muscle strength — … It burns calories. After finishing shift back to your position to play the next move. You should be ready to naturally rotate your body your body as it is important while playing. The skills which will be demonstrated within this section of the website include: How to hold a paddle ; Foot work ; Forehand ; Backhand ; Serving These are the fundamental skills that all beginners will need to learn to play table tennis successfully. » This is the point where one ends the shot. They do not cost you anything to use, and any products you choose to buy will not cost you any more than if you went directly to that web site. Why are recovery and anticipation important tactics? Rules •  After ending get back to your position to stay prepared. Playing table tennis involves an athletic position and good coordination. We are going to study the primary table tennis strokes that help one master the table tennis skills to become a skillful player. Your elbow and your body should have a small gap left. You should shift your weight slightly at the front leg and strike. AATT cannot identify any user who clicks on an advert or affiliate link. These links are identified by having an asterisk (*) by its side. You only need to do the opposite of backswing to strike the bat correctly. Your hands should be put in a position that they are ahead of you. Skill Tests. Most beginners struggle to master its move ad it can be more discouraging if two first time players are playing together. At the time, being juniors who never worried about injuries etc, we all thought they were a waste of time - we just wanted to play! Our first table tennis skill challenge was the Bronze award. All returns kept on the same line. A full-size table tennis table is 9ft and you will need at the very least 3.5ft at each end of the table … The bat angle should be closed and do not leave any space no matter how small it is. The Controller should be a player able to place slow and steady balls to required targets, with the required spin. Some professionals recommended that your feet should be at least two shoulders apart. Most people say that backhand push is the most straightforward drive of the all table tennis drives. You should take the ball in front of you only when it is at the peak of the bounce or at an earlier stage. We are going to categorize position one should take to play the backhand push excellently. Do not distribute it at heels as it makes you unstable. When I started playing table tennis as a junior, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to regular table tennis coaching classes. The backhand drive should be finished as the point when the bat point where you hit the ball. A tennis player needs mental, technical and physical skills to be good at the sport. Privacy policy. Make sure that only elbow and your forearm is making the movement and hence rotates the body slightly. These skills are the primary strokes that form the foundation of the table tennis. A, B, C, D are the centre points of the four courts. In this position, you are required to bring the bat backward and raise it slightly upward in the direction of your chest. we could learn the required table tennis skill and practice our strokes. you should stay very near at the table. Return of service; Footwork Patterns Many sports have interchangeable skills. driven to the forehand and pushed to the backhand. Do not over rotate to avoid finishing bat at your shoulders or behind your neck since this is a mistake You should always make sure that your bat finishes pointing the direction which you have hit the ball. When you click on an advert, it's tracked to AATT and will generate a small payment to me. Your bat is considered to be good if the ball will slide into the surface of rubber with minimal resistance. The strike can be explained as the movement one makes towards hitting the ball. You should close your bat angle slightly and your arms should remain in front of you. You take a good stance by using the same position that you used while you were playing the forehand drive. An arm distance is recommendable distribute your weight evenly at toes, on the balls, and on both feet. Your knees should be bent, and your body should be leaning forward. Your arms should be in front of you, and you must also bend your knees. Ready Position; The grip. You should have a small gap separating your elbow and your body. The arm should have a slight bend even though the angle should be opened. If you are right-handed player make sure that you shift your body weight on the right foot. Warm up exercises should last for about 10 minutes. Basic Skills. You should make sure that arms are in front of you and maintain an angle of 90 degree bend at your elbow. If the angle opens, you are going to hit the ball in the wrong direction, and you will not control it. Stance is the first thing you should master while playing on the backhand drive. Strategies •  Adverts appear automatically on my site, provided by third parties, and are not directly controlled by me. The forehand drive is Brocken into four parts which you should master to have an excellent play. The forward pushing of the bats efficiently does the best strike. You should make sure that your bat finishes pointing the direction of the ball. There are two types of skills in table tennis, the basic and advanced table tennis skills. Your elbow and your hips should be separated by a small gap. It makes you ready to see the incoming ball hence hitting it rightly. Most beginners bat are not active, and therefore they cannot create spin.

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